SA103 : Connecting to Sumup

SA103 : Connecting to Sumup

To connect to Sumup you must first add a self employed page in GoSimpleTax, if you have not done this during your initial set up you can use the '+ NEW PAGE' button to create the page.

Please note that you will be able to try this integration during your trial period.


Once you have added the self Employed page please click the EDIT link and complete the appropriate information, in particular the accounting period start and end dates. These dates are important as they determine the period of transactions to be imported from Sumup.

Once completed SAVE


Then you can click CONNECT

And the CONNECT to Sumup

On clicking CONNECT we will go to the Sumup website to start the authorisation process. 

Please enter your Sumup credentials, this will then authorise Sumup to share your income and associated Sumup charges with you GoSimpleTax account. 

 Once connection has been completed we will confirm this on screen. You can then RETURN TO YOUR TAX RETURN


Your sales and Sumup costs will then show on your self employed page.

 You can now add any cash sales to income and other business expenses in the expenses section.