SA101 : Foreign Income not liable to UK Tax

SA101 : Foreign Income not liable to UK Tax

You’ll need Helpsheet 211, ‘Employment –residence and domicile issues’ to work out the amount to put in this section if you

• are, will be or have been, non-resident or claiming split-year treatment and have been non-domiciled

• are, or will be, non-domiciled and the remittance basis rules apply to some or all of your earnings
• received income in a foreign country that you could not bring to the UK because of exchange
controls or a shortage of foreign currency in that country

You may also need to fill in the ‘Residence Pages.


To record this on SimpleTax, 

ADD the page Other Income and Losses


Under Expenses ADD the Group Seafarers and Patent Reliefs


ADD the category Foreign Seafarers Deduction


Enter the amounts, additional information and click SAVE


This will update the SA101