How can I add the Capital Gains Page?

How can I add the Capital Gains Page?

  • Click on ADD NEW PAGE







  • Enter the NAME


  • Click SAVE

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      Click on ADD NEW PAGE     Select Capital Gains     Enter the NAME     Click Save To begin recording the Income,   Select ADD GAIN     Choose a Category from the drop down list     Enter the SALE DETAILS     Enter the PURCHASE DETAILS     Enter any ...
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      I have lots of Capital Gains transactions and it won’t let me add anymore, how do I fix this? The maximum number of entries allowed on this page is 13 due to HMRC restrictions on filing. If you have more than 13 trades during the tax year, you should ...
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    • How do I record Losses Carried Forward on Capital Gains?

      Click on the Capital Gains Page     Click on EDIT     Enter the AMOUNT     Click Save  
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