How Do I Purchase A Subscription So I Can Submit My MTD VAT Return?

How Do I Purchase A Subscription So I Can Submit My MTD VAT Return?


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    • How Do I File My VAT Return Once I Am In MTD For VAT?

      Once you are registered for MTD for VAT, you must NOT submit a VAT return using HMRC’s existing portal as it will not constitute a valid return. Instead, ‘functional compatible software’ must be used to file the VAT return with HMRC. Most accounting ...
    • How do I register with HMRC for MTD for VAT?

      Register with HMRC for MTD for VAT 7 days after you have filed and paid for your last traditional VAT return Register at least one week before your first MTD VAT Return is due. Register at          ...
    • Does MTD For VAT Apply To Me?

      If you are an individual, sole trader or business (including a limited company) and you are already VAT registered, and you have VATable turnover of £85,000 or more in the 12 months ending 31 March 2019 then you come within the new MTD regime, unless ...
    • How Do I Submit My VAT Return To HMRC Using GoSimpleVAT?

      The instructions below are based on the assumption that you have first:   1. Registered with HMRC for the new MTD for VAT system 2. Connected GoSimpleVAT to the HMRC systems   GoSimpleVAT is bridging software so does not perform any VAT calculations. ...
    • If I Am Not Exempt When Do I Have To Comply With MTD For VAT?

      The new regime begins on 1 April 2019, however the exact date from which you must be MTD for VAT compliant depends on what your VAT periods are: If your next VAT quarter end date is 31 March 2019, or you file monthly, you must comply with MTD from 1 ...