How Do I Submit My VAT Return To HMRC Using GoSimpleVAT?

How Do I Submit My VAT Return To HMRC Using GoSimpleVAT?

The instructions below are based on the assumption that you have first:


1. Registered with HMRC for the new MTD for VAT system

2. Connected GoSimpleVAT to the HMRC systems


GoSimpleVAT is bridging software so does not perform any VAT calculations. However, it DOES allow you to file your VAT return to HMRC if you keep your bookkeeping records on excel or an old legacy software system that is not MTD for VAT compliant.

1. From the dashboard click the 'VAT return submissions due' button. 


You will then see a list of VAT returns that require submission.

NOTE: if you are single user you are taken directly to this list on logging in.

2. As shown below click the screen for the next page.



3. Click as below. Please only choose status 'OPEN' where the VAT period end has passed.



3. Assuming you have already saved your VAT calculation as an excel template or PDF of the VAT 100 report you are ready to upload to GoSimpleVAT

You can do this by either dragging and dropping the file to the upload area or using the ' ADD FILES button


 4. When the file has been uploaded the submission details will be updated, assuming you are happy you can click SUBMIT to start the submission process.




On submission we will confirm on screen


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