Business cards, letterheads and other branded stationary are a powerful, cost-effective way to promote your business. Unfortunately for them, many self-employed people tend to overlook them as a legitimate expense they can claim for when filing tax returns. As part of our commitment to helping you save money and do your taxes the easy way, SimpleTax are on hand with everything you need to know about claiming business cards and stationary as a business expense. Can i claim?  Yes. Conditions Whether you order Moo business cards online, buy them from your local design and print outfit or anywhere else, the end result is the same: You’ve made a worthwhile investment in promoting your business that you can absolutely claim for when completing your self-assessment tax return.  When completing your tax return you are entitled to declare the full cost of business cards and branded stationary as an expense, and with SimpleTax, it couldn’t be easier. On SimpleTax Business cards, letterheads, compliment slips and similar products are all classed as advertising materials, and as such, you’ll find a dedicated category for "Advertising" when using our free, easy tool to help self-employed business owners and freelancers fill in their tax return. *** More Information With any kind of advertising, marketing and promotion you undertake, you are entitled to claim the full cost of expenses. This includes printed materials, websites, advertisements you take out in newspapers, magazines, radio or TV.  Again, you’ll find groups to cover all your promotional expenditure under "Advertising" on your free SimpleTax self-assessment tool.  The only thing you can’t claim for here is money spent on entertainment for clients or investors.      other keywords: sheet, newsprint, envelopes, supplies, printing, imprint, engraving, edit,