Can I claim? Yes. Conditions: Business expenditure. 100% deductible under advertising. Advertising, and other forms of marketing, are powerful tools for any small business and freelancer. The trouble is, it can also be very expensive. The HMRC, though, does allow these things to be offset - that is to say, all costs incurred. On SimpleTax All you have to do is head to the group for “Advertising” in your Self-Employed expenses section. You will just need the figures and we will calculate the return. *** More Information  With the Facebook user base reaching 1.2 billion people, and more than 80% of living outside of the U.S., this platform has the ability to reach just as many people, if not more, as television and radio does – and in any country.  A minimum spend ad campaign can cost as little as £1 a day, as opposed to a PPC campaign which can cost much more This costing also means that Facebook has the lowest cost per 1k 'impressions' advertisements anywhere. Ever. In fact, the average is around .24p per 1k views which is less than 1% of the cost of a Television advertisement. Facebook ads, with an accompanying page, can be incredibly engaging if done correctly. That isn't all either, since Facebook users are 'registered' with their personal details, advertisers can target their preferred audience with eerie precision – and all without spending a penny on keyword research. Facebook advertisements are a great investment, and the more spent means the more accurate the precision targeting.   Advertising and marketing strategies are a must have these days, and with more people searching for the business they need or want on the internet it is almost an essential among the small business and freelance worlds. Claiming for this is not hard, but with SimpleTax it is even easier.  Help yourself, and your business, by marketing as much as you can budget for - safe in the knowledge that it can be deducted later.     other keywords: billing, FB, plug, powereditor, promoting, publicity