Can I claim? Yes.  Conditions This is an expense which is entirely allowable; HMRC recognise that advertising is a primary function for self-employed individuals and permits tax relief to be provided on the cost.  On SimpleTax Head to your self-employed expenses dashboard and select the "Advertising" group.  ***  More information Advertising is a critical part of any new venture but for a business to continue to be successful, marketing and reaching new customers and audiences is vital. There are many ways to achieve this but the good news is that advertising fees are recognised as a legitimate business expense by HMRC and as such are entirely allowable for the purposes of tax relief. This may include advertising your product or services online, and paying advertising costs to get a prime position, or even hiring a web designer and purchasing a web domain yourself. It's not just online fees which can be included in the tax relief; expenditure for inclusion in local business directories, printing off flyers, mailshots as well as providing free samples are all ways in which costs of advertising can be incorporated into your tax relief package. As the entire cost is permissible, there is no need to quibble over what proportion is deductible. Just remember to keep any invoices and document the expense in your monthly accounting; many individuals forget about these kinds of costs when it comes to claiming tax relief. Although advertising is allowed, and the vast majority of marketing activities also permitted for inclusion, there is one notable exception: corporate hospitality. You can no longer claim business expenses for taking a potential client out to lunch or dinner, even if the entire conversation was about work. The same rules apply about buying tickets to big sporting events or providing other types of hospitality in return for the hope of securing business. This was one of the most abused routes of allowable expenses and the loophole has now been closed permanently.     other keywords: ads, adverts, publicity, promotion, broadcasting, plug, buildup, pushing, pitch