Can I claim? Yes. Conditions Do take into account that if you use the service or product for both home and business, you are only entitled to claim the business percentage of its use. On SimpleTax It falls under "Software" expenditure in your "Computer and Office Equipment" category. *** More information Very often, when you are self-employed, you may incur certain regular charges for subscriptions or software packages i.e.  If you use Dropbox, the monthly fee is about £5.00.  Take a look at any regular charges that you pay out and if they are business related, allocate them because you can claim for these. For example, if you purchase software solely for business, it makes no difference whether you purchase it via a lump sum or pay each month as you will only need to show the total annual amount in your Tax Return. If you use it equally for both work and pleasure, then only 50% can be included.  You must amend the percentage accordingly according to your situation. When you utilise SimpleTax, all you need to do is enter the amount on Computer & Office Equipment and then show your private use portion.  We make it easy so that you do not need to worry about complicated calculations or worrying that you have not done things correctly.     other keywords: klout, engagor, mention, brandwatch, salesforce, radian6, vertascan, sociota, grouphigh, socialcamp, beatrix,, talkwalker, twitalyzer, tweetreach, google plus, facebook, twitter