Can I claim? Yes. Conditions If being self-employed means that you have to travel for the business and stay away from home overnight, then you can claim tax relief to this expenditure. 

You will need receipts for all expenses claimed in this way and a credit card statement in itself may not be sufficient proof.  It is important that you file all receipts with any credit card statement that is offset as a company expense.

On SimpleTax  We make it nice and easy for you.  Look under the “Hotel room” category the within the “Travel” group of your SimpleTax Self-Employed expenses. *** More information The hotel visit that you are claiming for has to have been necessary for business purposes.  If this involved private use that occurred purely incidentally because of the business requirements, then you can still claim the total cost.  You will be able to claim for room costs and any essential meals. If you are lucky enough to be staying at a hotel that offers the services of a Spa, Gym or Leisure Club and you decide to make use of them in your spare time, this expense will be classed as a personal one. This is because if the hotel costs were deliberately a mix of business and pleasure, then you can only claim the business portion of the costs against income.  Before you pull out all the stops and give yourself a major treat on your next hotel visit, think carefully about who will be paying for the cost – you or your business!      other keywords: overnight, sleepover, sleep, bed-and-breakfast, BaB, motel, bed, guest, rent,   
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