Apple products, along with other smartphone and tablet devices, have revolutionised the way we work, rest and play, but when it comes to your business, you’re not sure where to start with claiming your iPad or iPhone as a business expense on your tax return. Start with SimpleTax and our free guide to claiming tax relief on your iDevice. Can I claim? Yes, but please see the conditions below. Conditions As with computers, software and similar products, your Apple device can be a great tool to not only manage your business, but your personal life too. How much you do of each will ultimately determine how much you can claim for these products on your self-assessment tax return. If you’ve bought an iPhone to stay in touch with your business clients only, or use your iPad for the sole purpose of handling work tasks, then of course, you can declare the full cost as business expenditure. If, on the other hand, you tend to your use your iDevice as a one-product-fits-all solution to all your work and personal needs, then you must deduct the percentage of personal use from the amount you claim.  The table below offers a helpful example:  original  value business use deduction         £800                            40%                             £320 On SimpleTax Claiming your iPhone, iPad or other tablet or smartphone device as a business expense on your tax return is easy with SimpleTax. Under your self-employed expenses, select Computer & Office Equipment and then Other Equipment, give us the cost or value and the percentage of personal use, and we’ll take care of everything else. Can I claim second hand/previously bought devices too? You can also declare second-hand products you purchased or used previously for another purpose before bringing into your business. In that case, you’ll need to find out the value of that piece of equipment when you first started using it for business use (e.g. on ebay), and claim based on that value rather than the original value, as the table below demonstrates:  original value value when entering your business business  use deduction   £800                            £450 40%     £180      How about my phone bills or wifi charges for my business iDevice?  You can claim for the percentage of those bills that are specifically related to your business. To find out more about this, please read our articles on "Mobile Phone" and "Broadband".     other keywords: touchscreen, device, 3G, 4G, gadget, gear,