Can I claim? Yes.  Conditions To be able to claim, you must be able to meet two conditions: You must be able to draw a firm line between personal and business travel expenses And you need to be able to say very clearly which is which.  Only the business portion is valid. If you are unable to meet these two basic requirements, then you will not be able to make the claim. Some businesses provide company vehicles, and this is exactly why. On SimpleTax You will find the different categories like "Bus Fare" in the “Travel” group of your SimpleTax Self-Employed expenses. *** More Information If your business involves travel, as it does for many freelancers and small business owners, then the cost of actually getting around can be quite steep. You will be able to claim this expenditure against your earnings but how does one go about proving the expense? Tickets: If you are travelling exclusively for business purposes, then any aeroplane, train or bus tickets can be used and they are all tax deductible.  Receipts: Some other, similar, travel expenses are also tax deductible; for example taxi fares, parking fees (not fines), tube travel (although if you have an Oyster card which you also use for personal travel then its not exclusively for business travel so you would only be able to claim if you need to pay extra to travel to a different zone) – always make sure you get receipts. Whichever way you decide to go, you need to keep an accurate track of your ‘business’ expenses so that you can claim relief at the end of the tax year.     other keywords: auto, transport, motor, admission, oyster, pass, billet, tally,