Hailo is a company that matches taxi drivers and passengers through its mobile phone application, making it convenient for both cab drivers looking to boost their fares and for the passengers needing to be driven somewhere faster. 

Can I claim? Yes. Conditions  As a Hailo driver you will be require to pay commissions on any contract you pick up from this provider, which then adds to overheads and eats into your profits. Thankfully sign up and contract fees can also be added as an expenditure claim against your income.  Paying commissions is a legitimate cost of doing business.  

On SimpleTax Deduct your Hailo commission amounts on your Self-Employed Expenses section, under "Costs of Goods Sold: Commissions". No more ending up in that commission cul-de-sac! *** More Information

The Hailo taxi service is available in many of the bigger cities around the world and is entirely free for the person looking to get a taxi ride.  However, registering services as a driver with the Hailo app has a price. 

Ask any self-employed taxi driver and many will tell you their margins are already really tight.  If you went to H.M.R.C., as a taxi driver, you would be hard pushed to find it and fail to deduct this from your profits. 

Search on ‘commissions’ or ‘taxi’ and there are pages and pages of guidance. What you make up for in convenience of the app in the space of a year, you could lose in time, wading through irrelevant taxation criteria!

Don’t lose your will to get back on the road. On SimpleTax, our easy to understand, user-friendly system will answer the questions you have about Hailo and other legitimate expenses you can deduct.     
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