Can I claim? Yes. Conditions Freelancers can claim on the cost for heating their workspace, as well as other utility bills. The key thing to remember, however, is that there is a difference between ‘office’, and ‘home office’.   If you work exclusively from home, then this would mean claiming costs for the time it is used for business purposes (1). Alternatively, if you are renting a space exclusively for your business then you are able to claim for the total costs (2). On SimpleTax   (1) Self-Employed Expenses – Use of Home as Office - Heating (2) Self-Employed Expenses – Office Space and Utilities - Heating ***  More Information For example, an average workweek lasts 5 days at 8 hours per day. Factor 5.6 weeks of annual leave, and what you have is the total time for which you can claim for the heating, water rates etc. In the example above, this equates to 21% of your total annual costs.   If you have particularly complex requirements (heating, electricity, water, broadband…) that are not easily calculable, then HMRC also provide flat rates - these are used ‘as is’, and you do not have to declare individual utility bills. Flat Rates on SimpleTax  If you wish SimpleTax to apply HMRC’s standard rate of £4 per week you can select the “Allowance” category under your Self-Employed expenses, Use of home as office (or) Office Space & Utilities.     other keywords: boiler, warming, temperature, thermostat, gas, climate, utility, bills, value, dues, tariff, charge,