Can I claim? Yes. Conditions The insurance was contracted solely for business purposes. On SimpleTax All that is required is that you add your insurance costs to your Self-Employed page by adding the “Financial & Insurance” group and selecting the “Professional Indemnity Insurance Premiums” category. ***  More Information While public liability insurance is not currently a legal requirement, but it is good business practice. If a member of the public were injured as a result of your work or business, then any claim for personal injury compensation is going to be made against your business. Depending on the nature of your business, and exactly what happened at the time of the accident and what led up to it, such compensation claims could seriously damage your coffers - if not close down you for good. If you are protected by public liability insurance, then the financial blow can be softened significantly. It could cause your monthly rates to be increased, but a potentially crushing blow has been avoided. Even in the case where a business does everything right, there will always be the chance that an accident can happen. With public liability insurance a business, even a small freelance operation, can operate safe in the knowledge that should the worst happen, the client property can be repaired, possessions replaced and their medical expenses met. Insurance policies are normally tailored to the individual business / freelancer. However, as a guide, an insurance policy covers a business's legal responsibility to pay compensation to members of the public for death and injury or damage to property or possessions, which has been the accidental end result of the business's activities.     other keywords: coverage, policy, obligation, insured, liable, hindrance, accountability, onus, assurance, security, protection, provision, safeguard, warranty