Do you wear a uniform to work? Have you had to wash it, repair it or replace it? Whether it’s simply a shirt with a logo or full head to toe attire, such as a nurse, chef or police officer, you may be entitled to claim uniform tax worth £100s over the past 4 years. Can I claim it? To be eligible to claim this tax relief, all of the following conditions must apply: Wear a recognisable uniform which shows you have a specific job, such as a nurse, a chef or a police officer. Even if your uniform isn’t branded and doesn’t have a logo, but you only wear it whilst working, you still may be entitled to the tax relief, You must wear it whilst you’re working, You’ve had to clean, replace or repair your uniform yourself, You paid income tax in the year/s you are claiming. How do I claim uniform tax relief? If you already fill in a self-assessment, you can simply add it to your expenses. If not, you can claim this relief by: Letter - If this is your first time claiming the work uniform relief, you must contact HMRC in writing using the following address: HM Revenue & Customs, Pay As You Earn, PO Box 1970, Liverpool, L75 1WX Phone - Alternatively, If you have claimed this relief before, you can contact HMRC by phone at 0845 300 0627 Before you contact HMRC, be sure to have this information to hand: Name and address of employer Industry you work in your occupation details of any laundry or cleaning services provided by employer details of payment or vouchers provided by your employer to cover laundry or other costs. The team at SimpleTax are committed to making your tax experience as trouble-free as possible. If there are savings to be made, we’ll tell you about it.      Other Keywords: clothing; clothes; shoes; boots; workwear; shirts; attire; garments; apparel