Wondering if you need to file a tax return? This is one question that you’ll need to get answered quickly. With the tax deadline fast approaching if you need to file a tax return you must register for your UTR number by the 20th December or risk paying late filing fees of up to £1,600. In the past finding out if you needed to file a tax return involved lengthy phone calls to HMRC, archaic letter writing and hours of online research. Thankfully takes that pain away. Simply answer 8 yes or no questions and find out if you need to file a tax return in less than a minute. It’s free, it’s quick and it’s live now! Unfortunately, our wizard doesn’t possess any magic powers and can’t make your tax return simply disappear from the face of the planet. But it can give you an instant answer on whether you need to register for self-assessment.  In less than a minute, you will know whether you need to file a tax return or not. It’s as easy as that. Plus if you need to file a tax return we’ll make it simple for you to register with HMRC so you don’t miss the self-assessment deadline of 31st January. You’ll need to register to get your Unique Taxpayer Reference Number (UTR). We’ll make this super simple, just tell us a little more about your income and we’ll fill out the HMRC forms you need to complete. All you need to do is pop them in an envelope and send them to HMRC before 31st January. Don’t wait too long though, your UTR can take up to 6 weeks to arrive so register by the 20th December to ensure you don’t miss the deadline and end up paying a nasty fine of up to £1,600. Try the free SimpleTax wizard for yourself and find out if you need to complete a tax return in minutes. Let’s make tax simple!