PLEASE NOTE THIS FEATURE IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE WE ARE LOOKING AT UPDATNG THIS IMPORT IN THE FUTURE. APOLOGIES FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE THIS MAY CAUSE. Connect "What service would you like to import from?" Quickbooks Select which values you wish to "Use": Invoices & Expenses "Authorize" your Quickbooks Account Importing your data "Here are all of your expenses. Please make sure you only select expenses to go into SimpleTax whose create date falls within your current tax year, e.g. 2013/14." Select the values wish to import by ticking the square on the left then pressing "Next Step" "That's it, you're all done." By selecting "Save Rule" the Quickbooks integrations will remain active in your connectivity panel. The final window will show all options available to view or edit the imported data. The blue toolbar will present you with available options. Press "play" to import the data to SimpleTax You can verify all activities on the "Report" area of your integrations interface.