To connect to Xero you must first add a self employed page in GoSimpleTax, if you have not done this during your initial set up you can use the '+ NEW PAGE' button to create the page. Please note that you will be able to try this integration during your trial period.     Once you have added the self Employed page please click the EDIT link and complete the appropriate information, in particular the accounting period start and end dates. These dates are important as they determine the period of the Profit & Loss report imported from Xero. Once completed SAVE     Then you can click CONNECT And the CONNECT to Xero On clicking CONNECT we will go to the Xero website to start the authorisation process. However, this involves using popups so you may need to authorise the use of popups. Once done please press F5 on a PC or CMD + R on a imac or macbook. This will open a new tab in your browser where it will ask you to signin to Xero.   Allow access for 30 minutes Copy the code and then click on the GoSimpleTax tab in your browser Paste or type in the OTP and SUBMIT   Once connection has been made return back to the Tax Return page within GoSimpleTax Your profit and loss report will have been imported and the mapped headings added to your self employed page. If any entries have not been mapped automatically then you have the opportunity to review and update these. Click on the pencil to edit the entry.   Select the page you wish to save the entry against. And then choose the Expense Group and category   On the category page you can choose as appropriate as shown at 1 below. If you wish the system to always map similar transactions in the future to the same category choose YES where indicated at point 2.  Please note that the highlighted text in the description box will be used to create the automatic mappings.       On saving the entry will be added to your self employed page.