SA100 : I am a new user and want to pay for 2 tax returns for me and my spouse/partner. how do I do this?

SA100 : I am a new user and want to pay for 2 tax returns for me and my spouse/partner. how do I do this?

You can choose to pay for a second tax return (person) on your account to take advantage of the multiple user pricing. Once you have added all you data and you are ready to file/pay please click PAY NOW.

Enter the number of people you want to file tax return for and then APPLY

When the screen refreshes click BUY NOW

Then PROCEED if you are happy

Choose your payment method of Paypal or credit card and once added click SUBSCRIBE

Once the payment has been processed the additional tax return will be added to your account when you will have a new ADD/SWITCH button that can be used to move between tax returns as required.

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