I had a new customer discount code

I had a new customer discount code

Our new customer discount is there to benefit you by lowering the risk of trying GoSimpleTax for the first time, making sure it’s for you.

We hope you’ve loved using GoSimpleTax and see that the standard price is great value for the benefits it brings.


Thank you for being a GoSimpleTax user and valued customer.

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      1. Click on 'PAY NOW' 2. Enter the amount of users you'd like on your account in the box provided, click 'APPLY NOW', followed by 'BUY NOW' 3. Click on 'PROCEED' 4. As can be seen in the outlined box below, this is where you can enter your discount ...
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      We understand that no one wants to see prices increase, but like all businesses across the country we’re experiencing higher costs in running our software and providing our services. This is why we hope you’ll understand that we must increase our ...
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      I don’t want my tax to be collected through my PAYE code If your tax is showing it will be collected through your PAYE code: Press SAVE & CONTINUE > YES and then navigate to the following questions: Answer YES to both of these questions and the tax ...
    • SA109: NT tax code

      If you have a NT code by way of DTA, you would need to complete the form HS302 or HS304 depending on your circumstance and attach that to your tax return on the SA109 page. If you read the instructions for either of the helpsheets, it will tell you ...
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      How do you add a new schedule to my tax return? This can be achieved in three simple steps: 1.       Press ‘NEW PAGE’ 2.       Now ‘SELECT’ the relevant schedule 3.       Then enter any requested details, where relevant, and press ‘SAVE’