Use settings to:

1. Update the invoice template, including adding your own business logo.
2. Integrate with either Paypal or Sumup to add a PAY NOW link to your invoices.
3. Add or manage your customers.
4. Integrate with Gmail so that invoices are sent to your customers using your Gmail address.
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    • How do I permanently delete my GoSimpleTax account and data (not recommended)

      It is possible for your account and data to be deleted. The support team can take care of this for you. Before you proceed, if you have made any tax return submissions please make sure you have copies of the SA100 PDF for your records. These can be ...
    • How do I update my credit card details?

      1. Click on 'SETTINGS' located at the top of the page 2. Click on the 'Subscription detail' tab 3. You'll be taken to a new page which will appear like this. Click 'View Details' on the subscription that you'd like to change the card details for. 4. ...
    • INVOICING: How to I set up an Invoice Template?

      You can make some changes to the invoice template in SETTINGS > INVOICE TEMPLATE You can: 1. Upload your business logo, if you have one. 2. Payment terms: This allows you to set a due date on your invoices. If you require payment immediately leave ...
    • INVOICING: How do you add a telephone number for a new customer?

      You are able to add your customer contact details anytime using SETTINGS > MY CUSTOMERS Then click to edit your customers record Add the telephone number and then click SUBMIT. The changes will then be saved.
    • INVOICING How do I download and print a copy of a invoice?

      1. From the list of invoices please choose the EDIT button 2. Scroll to the bottom of the window that opens and click the download button. A copy of the invoice will be downloaded to your browser. Depending upon the browser and your personal settings ...