Using SimpleTax - An Overview

Using SimpleTax - An Overview

Here's an overview of how the system is used.

A Page is needed for each type of income or trade

  • Click +New Page, select the page that matches the income to be added.  More pages can be added as necessary

To record your Income and Expenses.

  • Use the + boxes on the right-hand side to add additional detail lines
  • Use the + boxes to break-down Income and Expenses for each page


  • Click Check for Error
  • Enter your HMRC credentials (or use ours if unsure)
  • Enter your payment details (if not already paid)
  • The system submits your return

A HMRC IR Mark reference number is displayed to confirm HMRC has your self-assessment return.  A PDF copy of the return can be saved along with a copy of the SA302 tax calculation.


You can double check that the return has been submitted by going into SETTINGS and then SUBMISSIONS HISTORY.


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