What tax years can I file online?

What tax years can I file online?

Your Self Assessment Tax Returns (SA100 or SA800) have to be filed by...
31st October if you're filing a paper return
31st January if you're filing an online return using HMRC portal or third party software

HMRC guidance in relation to this can be found here.

The following years remain open for online filing of self assessment returns:

Original Submission
Time limit
5 April 2026
5 April 2025
5 April 2024
5 April 2023
31 January 2024
31 January 2023
Closed - Paper
Closed - Paper

You have 4 years from the end of the tax year to submit electronically per HMRC guidanceIf outside of the time limits then tax returns will require paper filing for those years.

*Our software doesn't cover 'SA900 Trust & Estate Tax Returns', we only offer the ability to file for 'SA100 Self Assessment' and 'SA800 Partnership'.