SA100 : Where do I record my pension contributions?

SA100 : Where do I record my pension contributions?

To receive tax relief for your pension contributions, please follow these instructions:


You are not entitled to any tax relief of pension contributions made by your employer directly into your pension pot.


If your pension contributions have been made by YOU and are deducted before tax is deducted, you receive the tax relief at source.

However, if your pension contributions are deducted after tax and you are a higher rate tax payer, you need to include the entry under SA102 Employment > EXPENSE > Pension Contributions > Personal/Registered pension scheme > Enter the NET contributions you have made.

  • Select the Employment Page



  • Click Add Group Expenses



  • Tick Pension



  • Click Save


  • Click on Add Pension




  • From the drop down list select Personal/Registered Pension Schemes



  • Enter the Amount of pensions contributions made. If your employer deducts your pension payments from your GROSS salary then these are NOT shown on your tax return as tax relief has already been received at source.



  • Click Save



If you have contributed to your personal pension or SIPP directly, you would enter the NET contributions in the same place as directed above under Personal/Registered pension schemes expense option. This will gross up your NET contributions and extend your tax bands.

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