Which HMRC Forms Are Supported? - The Summary

Which HMRC Forms Are Supported? - The Summary

The following forms are available in SimpleTax 

 Included in Simpletax

 main tax return (SA100)

  • Investments interest & dividends
  • Charitable Payments/Gift Aid
  • Pensions & benefits
  • Rent a Room
  • Furnished holiday let
  • Student Loan

 Supplementary pages

  • Self-assessment additional information  SA101    
  • Employees or company directors             SA102
  • Ministers of religion                                  SA102M   
  • Self-employment                                       SA103S or SA103F
  • Business partnerships                               SA104S or SA104F
  • UK property income                                 SA105
  • Foreign Income                                         SA106
  • Trust Income                                             SA107
  • Capital Gains Income                               SA108
  • Residency, Remittance Basis                   SA109

We also support the Partnership Tax Return SA800 and the supporting schedule


  • Partnership UK Property                                              SA801
  • Partnership Foreign                                                      SA802
  • Partnership Disposal of Chargeable Assets                SA803
  • Partnership Savings, Investments and other Income SA804



  • Trust and estate                                     SA900
  • Trustees of pension schemes               SA970

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    • VAT: Not Connected to HMRC

      HMRC sever the connection after 18 months for security purposes. If the connection has been severed, you will need to re-connect with HMRC and then try the submission again. 
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    • Why have HMRC sent me a 'Delayed response' status for my online tax return?

      You may receive this notification if HMRC's processing systems are very busy. This doesn't affect the submission of the return itself but it does mean that the 'Submission Finished' message won't be as quick as usual.