SA103 : Xero Integration

SA103 : Xero Integration

If you are a sole trader using Xero for your bookkeeping records then our integration will allow you to import your Profit & Loss report direct to the self employed pages of your tax return. 

To save time we have mapped the default Xero headings to appropriate GoSimpleTax categories on the self employed page.

If your Xero heading is not in the list below then once the profit and loss report has been imported to GoSimpleTax you will be able to map the heading manually and if you desire save this mapping for future imports.

Please note that this feature is only available to Platinum Plan users.


Xero CodeXero Heading*TypeSIMPLETAX CATEGORY
260Other RevenueRevenueSales
270Interest IncomeRevenueSales
310Cost of Goods SoldDirect CostsGoods for resale
320Direct WagesDirect CostsDirect production costs
325Direct ExpensesDirect CostsDirect production costs
400Advertising & MarketingOverheadOther mediums
401Audit & Accountancy feesOverheadAccountant fees
404Bank FeesOverheadBank charges
408CleaningOverheadOther office related expenses
412ConsultingOverheadOther professional fees
420Entertainment-100% businessOverheadOther mediums
424Entertainment - 0%OverheadOther entertainment expenses
425Postage, Freight & CourierOverheadPostage/stationary
429General ExpensesOverheadOther
433InsuranceOverheadOther professional fees
437Interest PaidOverheadInterest on loans
441Legal ExpensesOverheadOther professional fees
445Light, Power, HeatingOverheadHeating
449Motor Vehicle ExpensesOverheadOther vehicle related expenses
457Operating Lease PaymentsOverheadOther equipment
461Printing & StationeryOverheadPostage/stationary
463IT Software and ConsumablesOverheadSoftware
465RatesOverheadBusiness rates
473Repairs & MaintenanceOverheadRepairs & maintenance
477SalariesOverheadSalaries & Wages
478Directors' RemunerationOverheadSalaries & Wages
479Employers National InsuranceOverheadSalaries & Wages
480Staff TrainingOverheadOther staff costs
482Pensions CostsOverheadPensions
483Medical InsuranceOverheadBenefits for staff/employee
485SubscriptionsOverheadOther professional fees
489Telephone & InternetOverheadPhone & Fax
493Travel - NationalOverheadOther travel-related expenses
494Travel - InternationalOverheadOther travel-related expenses