I didn’t know I signed up for a subscription

I didn’t know I signed up for a subscription

GoSimpleTax strive to be transparent with our users. When a new user makes payment for a service we offer both a subscription price and a non-subscription price. The subscription price being the cheapest option. If a user chooses the subscription option then this will renew annually in April.

Below are the steps we take to make this as transparent as possible. 

1. Initial purchase of subscription

On the sign up page alone there are three notifications that the license will be purchased on a subscription basis that renews annually.

You do have the sliding switch which ‘switches’ the auto-renew option off. This would then increase the price to a one-off fee.

2. Email upon signing up to the subscription service

Once you have signed up and paid for the subscription, you will have received an email shortly after making payment stating what you have signed up for:

As you can see this is a short and simple email that clearly describes the payment plan you have signed up for.

3. Email reminders approaching renewal date

In addition to the initial email we also send renewal reminders advising the renewal date is approaching and a link for you to manage your subscription if you didn’t wish to renew your license.

This email was sent on 16 March 2023 for April 2023 renewals.

I hope you are satisfied at the steps we have taken to ensure you aren’t incorrectly charged for a license you don’t need because we feel we do more than enough in this regard.

If you wish to cancel your future subscription you can do so at anytime, please follow the instructions on our Knowledge Base article How do I cancel my GoSimpleTax automatic subscription renewal? 

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